Eclipse Design, Leeds

+ Working together … to create results
An eclipse is a unique time, a unique solution, a unique arrangement. It is a publicity stunt for the solar system, an image that is the result of strength, dynamism and sequence. It is the result of many powerful systems all working together to create an extraordinary effect. As part of a greater, universal order it is hugely influential and yet always precise in its timing, scope and certainty.

At Eclipse we bring focus, flair, creative energy and talent into alignment to perfectly fulfil the needs of our clients. We co-ordinate and integrate a number of distinct services, skills and abilities creating the power to produce exceptional results.

+ Quality ... at every stage
Quality is of paramount importance to us. Quality of planning, quality of product and quality of service are all hallmarks of what we offer at Eclipse. Whilst acknowledging that it is our creativity that ultimately creates success, there is an underlying process framework that ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

That’s why, in the not too distant future, we will be able to feature an ISO 9001 logo on this page, a national quality accreditation that we are currently undergoing appraisal for.